View of Lack and ArdnaglaSonny HonanWell And Wind Charger FieldThe Hehir Home in the 1950sField ‘Below the Road’Hehir Family – 1951Cow Shed and Hay Shed – 1970sThe Hehir Home in 1959

For much of my life I have been collecting all types of information relating to the Hehir family and it’s rural neighbourhood.
Having collected it, my intention has been to make it available to you all and to future generations of Hehirs.
The Family Tree, McNamara Photographs and the old version of the Lack School Book are already online and just recently I’ve added the 20 video films. Over the coming weeks the updated version of the Lack School Book will be added. I am indebted to Darragh for his work in developing the site. Without his assistance it would not have been possible.

- James Hehir, December 2011