Home Movie

I feel very fortunate to have a thirty year video record – 1974 to 2004 – of our parents and home in Lack. They are the first members of our ancestors to be recorded on movie film. While Daddy is featured in only four films taken in 1974 – 1975 we have numerous films of Mammy.

The story begins when I received a present of a video Super 8 camera in early 1974. I put the camera to use immediately on my next trip to Lack, filming Mammy, Daddy and Johnny arriving home from Sunday mass. The next big event was the purchase of the first rotary mower in June 1974. I was present to record it being connected to the tractor and tested by Daddy and Johnny. Daddy loved new machinery. Then I had a visit of Mammy and Daddy to Dublin when I took some film at our home at Malahide and later at Heuston Station as they took the train home.

Of the other films in this album my favourites are Mammy lighting the fire and making bread, the last trams of hay, the first silage and the scenes from our kitchen. These films represent the end of an era. Life in Lack will never be the same again. But we have the happy memories and the film record to keep those memories alive.

These videos together with the photographs and family tree whish I have already made available to you through this site on the internet give you as complete a record as I can provide.

I have gone to some difficulty making all of our home videos available to you for Christmas 2011. I hope you enjoy them.

(If you have any film from home available you might give me a copy in order that it can be included.)

This short film commences with Johnny’s children cycling. Then we have a scene from the kitchen with mother, Jean, Claire and Johnny’s children. Finally we have a film of the black cat sitting on the window sill.

Knowing that Johnny had decided to cease dairy farming, I decided that it was important to have a record of the cows being milked. Cows were milked on the farm for perhaps 300 years and now the era was coming to an end. I see this film as a record that will interest future generations of Hehirs.

This is a short film of the old kitchen in our home at Lack. It was filmed on the evening of the 13th October 2001. Present were mother and Martin.

I took this film about the year 2005. Johnny had decided to sell the fields ‘Below the Road’ so I knew it would be the last time he would make silage there. It is also a record of silage making at that time.